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Mummy || Adaptor COOLMAX Liner
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Adaptor COOLMAX Liner

Rs. 5,299.00
Rs. 5,299.00

Keeps you comfortable in warm, humid weather

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Size | Shape: Mummy
Subtotal: Rs. 5,299.00

BEST USE: Ultralight Adventures


WEIGHT: 1lb 7oz | 650g



Mummy || Adaptor COOLMAX Liner

Adaptor COOLMAX Liner

Rs. 5,299.00

Adaptor COOLMAX Liner

Rs. 5,299.00
Size | Shape: Mummy


The Adaptor COOLMAX® sleeping bag liner will help you adapt to varying temperatures and humidity. The washable, knitted COOLMAX® fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, which helps keep you comfortable as temperatures rise and humidity increases, guaranteeing a great night’s sleep. The COOLMAX® Adaptor liner is ideal for use on its own in warm, humid climates, or as a liner inside your sleeping bag as you transition across seasons, and it's great for keeping your sleeping bag clean and hygienic. It's also available in an Insect Shield® version for extra protection in buggy environments.


  • COOLMAX® fabric is made of a soft, stretchy polyester-knit fabric
  • Wicks moisture from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable in humid conditions
  • Mummy shape features a drawcord to cinch hood around your head. The drawcord channel is contrasting Colour to make it easier to find in low light conditions.
  • Traveller shape features a built in pillow slip and side openings for easier entry and exit.
  • Easy care – no special soap is needed for washing.
  • Packs into its own Ultra-Sil stuff sack.

The Adaptor is Perfect For...

  • Backpackers traversing a wide scale of temperatures and humidity
  • Travelers who would like to ensure a hygienic sleep environment
  • Campers looking to reduce the clammy feel in their sleeping bag
  • Warm-Weather campers who don’t need a full sleeping bag


  • Best Use
    Warm Weather Backpacking & Camping
  • Comes With
    Ultra-Sil stuff sack
  • Material(s)
    CoolMax polyester
Dimensions 208 cm 225 x 92 cm
Packed Size 15 x 11.5 cm 15 x 11.5 cm
Weight 248 g 328 g

Frequently Asked questions

Is this sleeping bag liner machine-washable?

Yes! The Adaptor sleeping bag liner can be washed in a machine with normal supermarket laundry detergent; however, just avoid fabric softeners as they will reduce the wicking performance of the fabric. You can also dry in a dryer on cool or low heat, or simply air-dry.

Does this sleeping bag liner keep you cool while you sleep?

This sleeping bag liner features innovative COOLMAX® fabric that wicks moisture effectively. While this doesn't actively lower temperatures, it prevents you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable when sleeping in humid conditions.

Does the Insect Shield sleeping bag liner protect against bed bugs?

The Insect Shield-treated Adaptor sleeping bag liner is not FDA-certified as protection against bed bugs. You can find details of insects it will protect against at

Is this sleeping bag liner good for backpacking?

Yes! The mummy sleeping bag liner weighs less than 9oz and extends the comfortable temperature range of your sleep system significantly, making it a great addition to your pack. The Traveller version is designed for more conventional travel.

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