small / green || AquaRacks (Pair)
regular / yellow || AquaRacks (Pair)

AquaRacks (Pair)

₹ 10,609.00
₹ 10,609.00

Simple and safe storage for watercraft

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Size: Regular
Colour: Yellow
Subtotal: ₹ 10,609.00

BEST USE: Canoe or Kayak storage to prevent flat spots

DIMENSIONS: 20 x 13 in | 50 x 33 cm

CARRYING CAPACTITY: 110 lbs | 50 kg

USE INSTRUCTIONS: The arms are shaped to permit easy loading and unloading, and allow the watercraft to be rotated through 360° without the hull touching the wall.

Pay in 3 Instalments*

*Valid for Orders Upto ₹30000 with
regular / yellow || AquaRacks (Pair)

AquaRacks (Pair)

₹ 10,609.00

AquaRacks (Pair)

₹ 10,609.00
Size: Regular
Colour: Yellow


AquaRacks are the simplest, strongest, and most versatile watercraft storage system on the market. AquaRacks can be placed at different spans allowing any size craft to be stored at the strongest part of its hull. The specially-shaped padded arms support the load evenly creating no pressure points. This helps prevent damage to the craft, especially with plastic hull materials, during storage and when loading or unloading.


  • Specially designed padded arms help prevent damage and depressions to the hull and finish
  • Heavy-duty closed-cell foam covered with a tough nylon sleeve protects the boat's finish
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Regular AquaRack stores large craft up to 175 lbs / 80 kg. AquaRack SM stores smaller craft up to 110 lbs / 50 kg.
  • Can be ganged together for storage of multiple craft
  • Allows craft to be stored at multiple angles
  • Complete mounting kit included


Dimensions 50 x 33 cm 60 x 66 cm
Weight Capacity 50 kg 80 kg

Frequently Asked questions

Be installed outdoors?

Yes. We would recommend purchasing stainless steel screws / wall anchors from a hardware store to mount them. Be aware that UV will degrade the nylon fabric and PU foam over time.

Be used for canoes with composite hulls?

Yes – but note that a composite-hull canoe must be stored completely upside down resting on the gunwales.

Be used with SUP Boards?

SUP Boards are too wide to be ideally stored using AquaRacks. We would recommend AquaSlings, which are the ideal SUP Board storage system.

Work with larger canoes?

Possibly. Please refer to the Aquarack diagram featured at the top of the page as one of the product images.

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