6 litre || Compression Sack in Pacific Blue
10 litre || Compression Sack in Outback Red
15 litre || Compression Sack in Olive Green
20 litre || Compression Sack in Pacific Blue
30 litre || Compression Sack in Olive Green

Compression Sack

₹ 3,179.00
₹ 3,179.00

Durable and reliable compression

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Size: XL / 30 litre
Colour: Olive Green
Subtotal: ₹ 3,179.00

BEST USE: Pack organization

WATERPROOF? The fabric is waterproof enough for storage inside a pack, but the seams are not tape sealed, and the top does not utilize a roll-top closure. So - water resistant rather than waterproof

DIMENSIONS: 7 x 16 inches

WEIGHT: 4.5 oz | 128 g

Pay in 3 Instalments*

*Valid for Orders Upto ₹30000 with
30 litre || Compression Sack in Olive Green

Compression Sack

₹ 3,179.00

Compression Sack

₹ 3,179.00
Size: XL / 30 litre
Colour: Olive Green


The Compression Sack is the perfect solution for squishing down bulky soft items for organized packing. These burly sacks are built from a water-resistant 70D Nylon fabric, offering excellent strength to weight. They can allow compression down to one-third of their original volume, which means you save valuable space in your pack for other essentials.


  •  6 litre: a layer, beanie, and gloves
  • 10 litre: a puffy jacket & a compact sleeping bag
  • 15 litre: all your clothes for a trip
  • 20 litre: a tent or any Sea to Summit sleeping bag
  • 30 litre: Sea to Summit sleeping bag and your extra layers


S / 10 literM / 15 literL / 20 literXL / 30 liter
Compressed Volume10 L to 3.3 L10 L to 3.3 L14 L to 4.5 L14 L to 4.5 L20 L to 6.5 L20 L to 6.5 L30 L to 10 L30 L to 10 L
Dimensions7 x 16 in 18 x 40 cm8 x 18 in 20 x 46 cm9 x 20 in 23 x 50 cm10.5 x 23 in 27 x 58 cm
Weight4.5 oz 128 g5.5 oz 156 g6.2 oz 175 g7.6 oz 215 g



Frequently Asked questions

Is this compression sack a good tent storage bag?

Perhaps. Carrying the tent canopy in your pack (with the poles under the compression straps) is a great idea. However - the canopy may not compress that much.

Is this compression sack waterproof?

No, this compression sack is only water-resistant. While the body of the compression sack is waterproof enough (2000 mm hydrostatic head) for use as storage inside a backpack or duffle, the seams are not tape-sealed and the top doesn't have a roll-top closure, so it's possible for water to get inside.

Is this compression sack worth the weight and cost?

We think so. These are much more rugged than other entry-level compression sacks and great for avid adventurers.

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