Delta Light Tumbler _ reusable camping cup
Delta Light Tumbler _ reusable clear camping cup _ lightweight
Delta Light Tumbler _ reusable clear camping cup
Description || Delta Light Tumbler

Delta Light Tumbler (2 Pack)

₹ 1,071.26
₹ 1,071.26

Enjoy your favorite backcountry beverage

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Size: One Size
Subtotal: ₹ 1,071.26

BEST USE: Backpacking & Camping

VOLUME: 12 oz | 350 ml

WEIGHT: 3.6 oz | 104 g

MATERIAL(S): BPA Free Food Grade Transparent Tritan

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Delta Light Tumbler _ reusable camping cup

Delta Light Tumbler (2 Pack)

₹ 1,071.26

Delta Light Tumbler (2 Pack)

₹ 1,071.26
Size: One Size


Stackable and packable, our Delta Light Tumblers are a great alternative to glassware. Their unique, ovalized shape makes them easy to store on their side”allowing them to nest inside our Delta Light Bowls and Alpha and Sigma Pots.

With a generous 12 oz/350ml capacity and handy, volumetric measure that includes standard pours for shots and wine (you’re welcome), this outdoor tumbler is ideal for soda, beer, wine or mixed drinks. Made from tough and light BPA-free, food-grade transparent Tritan, their fluted ribbed sidewalls also provide a comfortable grip.


  • Unique ovalized shape, with two straight sidewalls, makes for excellent packability
  • Impact resistant and safe alternative to glassware
  • Fluted sidewalls reduce heat transfer of hot beverages
  • Made from tough, light and BPA-free Tritan„¢ co-polyester
  • Handy volumetric scale that includes shot and wine measurements
  • Nests inside our Delta Light Bowls, Alpha and Sigma Pots
  • The 12 oz/350ml volume is ideal for serving beer, wine and sodas
  • Sold as set of two


  • Best Use
    Backpacking, Camping, Overlanding
  • Material(s)
    BPA free and food grade transparent Tritan
  • Special
    Dishwasher Safe, Impact resistant and safe alternative to glassware
One Size
Depth 9.5 cm
Diameter 8.3 cm
Volume 350 ml
Weight 104 g



Frequently Asked questions

How durable is the tumblr?

This tumblr is built tough and designed for years of adventure. Tritan material is strong and durable – the Tumblers will accompany you on trips for years to come.

Is it safe to use with hot liquids?

Yes, the Tritan material won't be damaged by boiling liquids. However, these tumblers are not insulated, so be carry and hold with caution since heat may carry through.

Will it break or crack easily?

No. The glass-reinforced polypropylene is much stronger than many of the plastics used in more commonly available camp tableware.

Is it suitable for use with boiling water?

Yes, the melting point of the PP material is above boiling water.

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