Neck Wallet

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Lightweight, low-profile neck wallet

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Size: One Size
Colour: Black
Subtotal: Rs. 1,689.00

WEIGHT: 1.4 oz | 41 g

Travel Neck Wallet _ security _ black

Neck Wallet

Rs. 1,689.00

Neck Wallet

Rs. 1,689.00
Size: One Size
Colour: Black


The Travelling Light Neck Wallet is a premium option for hidden wallet security. It features many pockets including two zippered pockets for passports, credit cards and spare coins. Lined with water/perspiration resistant Ultra-Sil fabric, 3D air-mesh on the back also keeps the Neck Wallet comfortable against your skin.


  • Lined with water-resistant and perspiration-resistant Ultra-Sil fabric
  • Soft 3D mesh for comfort against your skin
  • Five pockets keep your money, passport, credit cards and tickets safe and hidden, yet accessible
  • Low profile design to conceal your travel valuables
  • Soft, comfortable webbing neck strap
  • Fully extended strap length is 40in / 100cm


  • Material(s)
    Lined with water-resistant and perspiration-resistant Ultra-Sil™ fabric. Soft 3D mesh for comfort against your skin
  • Pockets
    Five pockets
One Size
Dimensions8 x 5 x 0.5 in
Strap Length 100cm
Weight 41 g

Frequently Asked questions

Will it prevent my smartphone from receiving calls?

Not at all--you'll still be able to make and receive important calls. Cell phones receive & transmit a much stronger signal than a chip credit card.

Will it protect credit cards and passports against digital skimmers?

Yes! It's lined with copper-nickel film that blocks RF signals.

Is it water-resistant?

Only to an extent. It will protect contents against damp, low-level moisture like perspiration, but not from significant or consistent external wetness.

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