Sit On Top Cart

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Transport sit-on-top kayaks easily

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Size: One Size
Subtotal: Rs. 15,919.00

BEST USE: Transporting sit on top kayaks

DIMENSIONS: 21 in | 51 cm

CARRYING CAPACTITY: 154 lbs | 70 kg

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Tapered rubber cones to fit scuppers from 1.25 - 2 inches

Sit on Top Kayak Cart Transport

Sit On Top Cart

Rs. 15,919.00

Sit On Top Cart

Rs. 15,919.00
Size: One Size


Transporting a sit on top kayak can be quite challenging due to the large width and often the heavier weight of these watercraft. The Sit on Top Cart is a unique kayak cart that is universal in application and robust enough to cater to a large range of sit on top kayaks.

Features include tapered cones that fit snugly into a broad range of scupper hole sizes while also reducing side-to-side movement of your cart during towing. Furthermore, we've added a variable width axle design with a heavy duty quick release clamp that will fit most recreational sit-on-tops. 

Pro tip: the scupper cones will slide into /out of the scuppers more easily if sprayed with food-grade silicone spray.


  • Solid wheels with thermoplastic rubber ‘tire’ surfaces roll easily and are completely puncture proof
  • Tapered rubber cones to fit scuppers from 3 - 5 cm
  • Adjustable axle width from 18 cm (min) to 40 cm(max)
  • One-hand-operated retainer ring pins made of stainless steel
  • Oversize alloy tubing and welded construction
  • A capacity of 154 lbs/70 kg
  • Lightweight, patent-pending design


  • Best Use
    Transporting sit on top kayaks
  • Carrying Capacity
    154 lbs / 70 kg
  • Height with Wheels
    21 in / 51 cm
  • Special
    Tapered rubber cones to fit scuppers from 1.25 - 2 inches
  • Wheel Size
    9.85 in x 3.5 in / 25 cm x 8.75 cm

Frequently Asked questions

Be used on soft sand?

Possibly not. On very fine-grain sand the rim of the wheel will sink and the spokes will become clogged with sand.

Be used with kayaks with small scuppers?

The tapered cones will allow use with scupper holes down to 1.25in / 3 cm. Smaller scupper holes would be too tight.

Fit in a sea kayak hatch?

The wheels measure 9.85 inches / 25cm in diameter. They should just fit into a 10” hatch.

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