Traveller Soft Racks

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Transport equipment easily

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Size: Large
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BEST USE: Transporting kayaks, canoes, SUP boards and surfboards

DIMENSIONS: 34 x 8 x 2.5 in | 86 x 19 x 8 cm

CARRYING CAPACTITY: 50lb safe load limit

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Simple to install and remove; they fit a wide variety of vehicles

large || Traveller Soft Racks

Traveller Soft Racks

Rs. 13,799.00

Traveller Soft Racks

Rs. 13,799.00
Size: Large


Maybe your vehicle doesn’t have a permanent roof rack. Or you’re traveling, and you don’t want to pay extra to rent a vehicle with one attached. Our Traveller Soft Racks are a quick and easy way to get your sporting equipment on the roof and off to your favorite destination. Available in two sizes, the large Traveller Soft Racks are ideal for large canoes, wide beam watercraft, or SUP boards, while the regular size is best for smaller craft. They are compatible with any tie-downs.


  • Three step quick fit system
  • Strong removable daisy chain gives multiple tie-down points
  • Heavy die-cast cam buckle
  • Both sizes have a wide footprint to disperse the load on the roof
  • Grippy base reduces rack movement for a more secure load


  • If transporting a boat, always run a line from the bow to the towing hook under the front bumper (or the bumper itself). For extra security, run a line from the stern to the rear bumper.
  • The straps will wick water inside the car in the event of precipitation, so it's recommended to remove them if there's a chance of rain.
  • Do not leave the foam units on the roof of a vehicle for extended periods if the vehicle is in direct sunlight: the foam units may damage the clear coat upon removal.


  • Best Use
    Transporting kayaks, canoes, SUP boards and surfboards
  • Special
    Grippy base reduces movement of the rack giving you a more secure load
Dimensions 86 x 19 x 8 cm 110 x 19 x 8 cm

Frequently Asked questions

Be fitted between station wagon/SUV roof rails?

Possibly. If the rails are at least 34” apart (and are not flush with the roofline), the Regular Soft Rack will fit between them (and the straps will pass underneath).

Be used on top of a panoramic sunroof?

We would recommend against it – the weight of the load could damage the sunroof/moonroof mechanism.

Be used on two-door vehicles?

No. This would place the foam units too close together (resulting in an unstable load), and half of the load would project out over the windshield / hood (even less stable).

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