Ultra-Sil Compression Sack

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Compresses volume without adding weight

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Size: XS / 6 litre
Colour: Royal Blue
Subtotal: Rs. 2,429.00

BEST USE: Pack organization

WATERPROOF? The fabric is waterproof enough for storage inside a pack, but the seams are not tape sealed, and the top does not utilize a roll-top closure. So - water resistant rather than waterproof

DIMENSIONS: 6 x 14 inches

WEIGHT: 2.0 oz | 58g

6 litre || Ultra-Sil Compression Sack in Royal Blue

Ultra-Sil Compression Sack

Rs. 2,429.00

Ultra-Sil Compression Sack

Rs. 2,429.00
Size: XS / 6 litre
Colour: Royal Blue


When you need to compress volume without significantly adding weight, the Ultra-Sil Compression Sack is an excellent solution. Made from a 30D diamond rip-stop siliconized CORDURA® fabric this compression sack is far tougher than its weight would suggest. Ideal for use inside your pack or travel bag when you need to compress clothing or bulky soft items to allow space for other essentials or fun holiday items.


  • 30D Diamond Ripstop Siliconized CORDURA®
  • 4 straps for even compression
  • Extra long straps so these sacks can really be filled to capacity
  • Bar tack reinforced stress points
  • Pull handle on the bottom
  • Slippery finish for easy packing

Size Guide

  • 6 litre: a layer, beanie, and gloves
  • 10 litre: a puffy jacket & a compact sleeping bag
  • 15 litre: Most three-season sleeping bags, including synthetics
  • 20 litre: Most four-season sleeping bags (except synthetics)
  • 30 litre: Sea to Summit sleeping bag and your extra layers, or a less-technical cold weather sleeping bag


XS / 6 literS / 10 literM / 14 literL / 20 literXL / 30 liter
Compressed Volume6L to 2L6L to 2L10L to 3.3L10L to 3.3L14L to 4.5L14L to 4.5L20L to 6.5L20L to 6.5L30L to 10L30L to 10L
Dimensions6 x 14 in 15 x 35 cm7 x 16 in 18 x 40 cm8 x 18 in 20 x 46 cm9 x 20 in 23 x 50 cm10.5 x 23 in 27 x 58 cm
Weight2.0 oz 58g2.3 oz 66g2.7 oz 78g3.3 oz 94g3.8 oz 108g

Frequently Asked questions

Is this compression sack a good tent storage bag?

Perhaps. Carrying the tent canopy in your pack (with the poles under the compression straps) is a great idea. However - the canopy may not compress that much.

Is this compression sack worth the weight and cost?

Once you have experienced modular packing with ultralight compression sack you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Is this compression sack waterproof?

No, this compression sack is only water resistant. The seams are not tape-sealed and the top does not have a roll-top closure, so it's possible for water to get inside.

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