Charcoal || X-Pan
Charcoal || X-Pan
Charcoal || X-Pan
Description || X-Pan

X-Pan 8 inch

Rs. 4,769.00
Rs. 4,769.00

A lightweight pan to complement your X-Pot

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Colour: Charcoal
Subtotal: Rs. 4,769.00

BEST USE: Camping


WEIGHT: 8.6 oz | 245 g

COOKWARE MATERIAL: Hard anodized 5052 aluminum and silicone handles

Charcoal || X-Pan

X-Pan 8 inch

Rs. 4,769.00

X-Pan 8 inch

Rs. 4,769.00
Colour: Charcoal


Ideal for frying up your favorite backcountry meals, the eight inch X-Pan is made from lightweight hard anodized aluminum and shares the same concept as the X-Series pots, fitting neatly together with this nesting system. Designed with two silicone wrapped handles which tuck securely underneath for transportation, it allows the 2.8L X-Pot to friction fit neatly inside.


  • Constructed of hard anodized aluminum.
  • Stiff and non-corrosive stainless steel handles fold up for use and down for transport.
  • Heat-resistant silicone grip handles for non-slip lifting and holding.


  • Best Use
  • Material(s)
    5052 Aluminum
  • Special
    2.8L X-Pot locks inside the X-Pan by friction fit
Dimensions9 x 1 in9 x 1 in
Packed Size8 x 1 in8 x 1 in
Weight8.6 oz 245 g



Frequently Asked questions

Can this cookware be used with a domestic stove?

Domestic stoves have a much higher output than backpacking stoves. If X Cookware is used with a home stove, the flame setting should be kept low, and care should be taken to ensure that the pot does not boil dry.

Is the X-Pan non-stick?

No, the suface of the X-Pan is not non-stick; it's polished hard-anodized aluminum. It's necessary to use more oil and start cooking at a lower temperature than in a non-stick pan. 

Can the X-Pan be used over an open fire?

No. Open flames and high heat would likely damage the silicone rubber handles on this pan.

Is it dishwasher-safe?

The X-Pan cannot be used in a dishwasher. The anodized finish would be damaged by the caustic cleanser used in dishwashers. For tough stains and baked-on food, soak the pan in warm water with dishwashing soap, then hand wash. 

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