Aeros Pillow Case 2019

Product Code:APILCASE
Aeros™ Pillow Cases go over the top of our Aeros™ Pillows for easy washing or for use with spare clothes or a down jacket as a minimalist pillow alternative. While all our pillows can be machine washed with the valve closed, some of us still prefer a more traditional solution. The Aeros™ Pillow Case can be slipped over our Aeros™ Pillows through the 20cm hidden zip, then quickly and easily removed for washing. To prevent slippage during the night, the Aeros™ Pillow Case's base fabric is compatible with the hook-and-loop fastener patches that will comestandard with all Sea to Summit Sleeping Mats from mid-2019. Current Aeros™ Pillows can be placed inside the Aeros™ Pillow Case for seamless integration with this new feature.
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  • Features :
    • Quick and easy removal for washing
    • Remove air bladder through 20cm hidden zip
    • Pack spare clothes inside for minimalist pillow
    • Hidden zip for a comfortable sleep
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Dimensions (CM)Large44 x 32Regular36 x 29Traveller41 x 29
Packed SizeLarge Ø6 x 5.5cmRegularØ6 x 4.5cmTraveller Ø7.5 x 5cm