Ultralight Insulated Mat AS

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At Sea to Summit we set out to design a mat that was better than what was already available. 'Better' is of course a very subjective ambition: while we could have made the lightest, or the most compact mat ever designed, we ultimately went back to why we carry a sleeping mattress into the wild in the first place to give us a better night's sleep. We're really proud to present what we consider to be the most comfortable sleeping mattresses available. Happy sleeping!

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  • Features :
    • Includes an Airstream Pump that is integrated into the stuff sack for quick and easy inflation.
    • Air Sprung Cells conform to your body shape, providing a more even dispersion of pressure across the mattress for a more comfortable nights sleep
    • The ultra-light range has a single layer of medium resolution cells to give you the lightest and smallest pack-volume mattress.
    • Exkin Platinum is a very lightweight and quiet metallised fabric. Exkin Platinum thermal technology reflects radiant heat back to the user.
    • THERMOLITE insulation lofts up inside the Air Sprung Cells to prevent convective heat loss from your warm body to the cold ground.
    • Multi-function valve provides fast inflate, deflate and easy fine-tuning for personalised comfort.
    • Extrusion TPU lamination is vastly superior to roll-to-roll lamination, helping to prevent delamination.
    • Includes a repair kit for easy puncture repair in the field.
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Tech Spec
Weight X Small 349g Small 430g Regular 480g Large 595g
Width X Small 55cm Small 55cm Regular 55cm Large 64cm
Height X Small 128cm Small 168cm Regular 184cm Large 201cm
Depth 5cm
Material Mat Fabric: 100% Nylon. Stuff sack: 100% Nylon. Valve: 100% TPU. Valve Flap: 100% Silicone