X-Pot Kettle

Product Code:AXKET1.3LI

The X-Pot Kettle is a tiny addition to your kit collapsing to 35mm. A 1.0L safe boiling capacity is perfect for a cup of tea or cocoa on the trail. With the increasing popularity of freeze dried food the X-Pot Kettle is all you need for two warm meals in one boil. If you prefer fresh rice or pasta the wide rim and stable handles allow it to be used as a 1.3L pot with easy stirring.

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  • Features :
    • Lightweight and durable hard anodised aluminium base
    • Food grade, heat resistant silicone walls fold down for convenient transport
    • Translucent, durable plastic shortens boil time and allows finer temperature control
    • Wide base absorbs maximum heat from the stove while protecting the silicone walls.
    • Two glass-reinforced Nylon 6-6 handles support the upper rim and improve control when pouring.
    • A silicone strap secures the lid and handles during transport.
    • Two X-Mugs or X-Cups fit inside the X-Kettle while the kettle itself can fit inside the X-Pot 1.4L and X-Pot 2.8L as a compact cook system.
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More Information
Tech Spec
Volume 1.3L
Colour Lime
Weight 186 G
Material 40% Silicone, 30% Aluminium, 15% Transparent Plastic, 15% Nylon