Frontier Ultralight Two Pot Cook Set - 6 Piece

₹ 11,369.00
₹ 11,369.00
₹ 11,369.00

An ultralight and packable cookware set for two people.

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Subtotal: ₹ 11,369.00

INCLUDES: 2L pot, 3L pot, 2 medium bowls & 2 cups

PERFECT FOR: 2 people

WEIGHT: 29.3 oz | 830g

COOKWARE MATERIAL: Hard-anodised aluminium alloy

Frontier Ultralight Two Pot Cook Set - 6 Piece

Frontier Ultralight Two Pot Cook Set - 6 Piece

₹ 11,369.00 ₹ 11,369.00

Frontier Ultralight Two Pot Cook Set - 6 Piece

₹ 11,369.00 ₹ 11,369.00


The Frontier Ultralight Two Pot Cookset includes a 2L and 3L Frontier Pots teamed with our ergonomic Passage Collection bowls and cups to form the base of the best lightweight camp kitchen setup available. The Frontier pots uses the highest quality hard-anodised aluminium alloy for efficient heat transfer and a ceramic non-stick coating, clever strainer holes in the pot lid, and a LidKeep that allows you to clip the lid to the side of the pot. A Click-Safe handle provides a solid grip that can be reversed to hold the entire cookset in place. Also includes the EU food-grade Passage bowls and cups that deliver the ultra durable dinnerware to stand up to any adventure.

An excellent option for two or more people, the set includes a 1.2L and 2.7L Alpha Pot which neatly nest inside each other for compact storage. They also feature clever technologies like a Pivot-Lock handle that securely locks into place during use and folds away when stored, a unique slotted strainer pattern for easy flow, and a silicone Lid Keep which hooks to the side of the pot when cooking.


  • Includes: 2L and 3L Frontier Pots 2x Medium Passage Bowls 2x Passage Cups
  • The 2L and 3L Frontier pots include a hard-anodised aluminium alloy for excellent heat transfer and a ceramic non-stick coating for easy cooking and clean-up
  • Removable Click-Safe handles allow secure handling and can be reversed to hold the lid and nesting contents in place for storage
  • Lids feature an easy to hold grip and a silicone rubber patent pending LidKeep to conveniently clip the lid to the rim of the pots
  • Passage bowls and cups are made of EU food-grade, glass-reinforced polypropylene that's easy to clean, microwavable and dishwasher safe
  • Bowls and cups feature Cool-Grip sidewalls allowing you to hold the bowl securely, no matter how hot or cold the contents are inside
  • Curve between sidewall and base of the Passage bowls perfectly matches any Sea to Summit spoons and sporks so you can enjoy every last morsel
  • Sea to Summit Guarantee is offered for the Lifetime of this product



Our Frontier Camp Kitchen Collection was awarded GOLD at the Australian Good Design Awards. These awards, recognised by the World Design Organization (WDO) as Australia’s peak international design endorsement program, celebrate the pinnacle of design and innovation. This achievement underscores our continued dedication to innovation and commitment to enhance user experience through quality product design


  • Best Use
    Hiking, camping
  • Comes With
    2L Pot, 3L Pot, 2 Bowls and 2 Cups
  • Cookware Material
    Hard-anodised aluminium alloy
  • Material(s)
    EU food-grade, glass-reinforced polypropylene
Frontier Ultralight Two Pot Cook Set - [6 Piece]
Individual Pot Weight 255 g & 304 g
Packed Size 19.6 x 18.5 x 13.5 cm
Pot Volume2 L & 3 L2 L & 3 L
Set Weight 830 g



Frequently Asked questions

Are the Frontier Pots dishwasher safe?

No - the pot and lid are anodized aluminum; the caustic cleanser used in dishwashers will damage the anodization. Passage tableware is dishwasher safe

Will the Click-Safe handle fit other Frontier Pots?

Yes - the Click-Safe handles are interchangeable

What is the silicone rubber 'clip' on the inside of the lid for?

It's a 'lid keep' - you can clip the lid to the side of your kettle to keep the lid clean while cooking in an outdoor kitchen

Can the bowl / cup be held comfortably when contents are hot?

Yes - the Cool Grip surface allows you to hold the tableware securely while providing insulation from hot contents

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