Yes || Mosquito Head Net
No || Mosquito Head Net

Mosquito Head Net

₹ 1,049.00
₹ 1,049.00

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Protects your head and neck from mosquitos

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Permethrin Treated: No
Subtotal: ₹ 1,049.00
No || Mosquito Head Net

Mosquito Head Net

₹ 1,049.00

Mosquito Head Net

₹ 1,049.00
Permethrin Treated: No


When bugs are thick and relentless, the Mosquito Head Net is the answer. Soft polyester mesh is comfortable against your face while the hexagonal pattern provides better airflow and the black Colour means increased visibility.

The headnet is also available in an Permethrin treated version. Permethrin is effective at repelling ticks, ants, flies, mosquitos and other little nasties that you'd rather be protected from.


  • Black mesh netting offers better visibility than white or olive-Coloured mesh
  • Fine, 500 holes per square inch hexagonal mesh
  • Made of a soft multifilament polyester
  • Packaged in its own tiny stuff sack
  • Elasticized drawcord closure
  • Wide enough to wear with a hat or without
  • Optional version with Insect Shield® for extra protection


  • Comes With
    Tiny Stuff Sack
  • Material(s)
    Soft multifilament polyester mesh
Weight 36.9g



Frequently Asked questions

Have a stiffener ring?

It doesn’t. The beauty of this head net is how light and compact it is; a stiffener ring would make it much bulkier. Wear it over a hat and it will offer plenty of space between the mesh and your skin.

Protect against no-see-ums?

No. 500 holes per square inch is great for mosquitos and most other bugs, but no-see-ums require a mesh with at least 1200 holes per square inch. A no-see-um net material will have reduced airflow as a result.

Work with permethrin sprays?

Yes. The polyester mesh, drawcord and barrel lock will not be damaged by being treated with a permethrin spray.

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