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8 pack || Wilderness Wipes

Wilderness Wipes

₹ 729.00
₹ 729.00

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Freshen up on the go

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Quantity: 8 pack
Subtotal: ₹ 729.00

BEST USE: Camping, travel, hiking, backpacking

DIMENSIONS: 6 x 8 in | 16 x 20 cm

WEIGHT: 3.3 oz | 93g

8 pack || Wilderness Wipes

Wilderness Wipes

₹ 729.00

Wilderness Wipes

₹ 729.00
Quantity: 8 pack


Wilderness Wipes will clean and refresh you when a shower, or even just water, isn't a possibility. The extra thick fiber is soft and gentle on your skin, removing salt and unpleasant odors caused by sweat, with no need to rinse. Formulated to be gentle to your skin and the environment, Wilderness Wipes are pH balanced and are readily compostable after use.


  • 100% Viscose fiber
  • Extra thick wipes
  • Contains aloe vera and vitamin E
  • Skin friendly
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Resealable packet



Frequently Asked questions

Are the wipes compostable/ biodegradable?

Yes, but please follow Leave No Trace principles: if the soil is warm/wet enough, bury them at least 8"/ 20cm. If the soil is dry, pack them out and compost them at home.

Can I use the wipes on my body?

Yes. Wilderness wipes are pH balanced and formulated to be gentle to your skin and the environment.

How long do the wipes last once the packet is opened?

The pack is resealable, but some evaporation will occur once the pack is opened. Repacking a small number of wipes in a Ziploc bag helps maintain moisture.

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