RFID Money Belt _ credit card protection

RFID Money Belt

₹ 3,179.00
₹ 3,179.00

Lightweight, RFID money belt

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Size: One Size
Colour: Grey
Subtotal: ₹ 3,179.00

WEIGHT: 2 oz | 59 g

RFID Money Belt _ credit card protection

RFID Money Belt

₹ 3,179.00

RFID Money Belt

₹ 3,179.00
Size: One Size
Colour: Grey


The RFID Money Belt is a simple money belt designed with technical fabrics to provide security and digital credit card protection while traveling. It features an easy-to-use buckle and an adjustable brushed elastic waist belt for comfort against the skin. Organize contents easily with the use of two zippered pockets with different sized compartments to fit coins, notes, passports and tickets.


  • Lined with RFID-proof fabric for digital credit card protection
  • Soft 3D mesh for comfort against your skin
  • Keep money, passport and tickets safe and hidden but accessible
  • Low profile design to conceal your travel valuables
  • Extra soft, brushed elastic waist belt
  • Please note: RFID-protected products will only offer protection against scanning of the very low-power signal emitted by a credit card or passport chip. They will not block a higher power radio signal (for instance a Smartphone or a Car-Key or Garage remote)


  • Best Use
    Concealed wallet and credit card protection
  • Material(s)
    Lined with RFID-proof fabric and a soft 3D mesh back for comfort against your skin
  • Pockets
    Two zippered pockets
One Size
Dimensions11.5 x 5 in
Weight 59 g



Frequently Asked questions

Will it prevent my smartphone from receiving calls?

Not at all--you'll still be able to make and receive important calls. Cell phones receive & transmit a much stronger signal than a chip credit card.

Will it protect credit cards and passports against digital skimmers?

Yes! It's lined with copper-nickel film that blocks RF signals.

Is it water-resistant?

Only to an extent. It will protect contents against damp, low-level moisture like perspiration, but not from significant or consistent external wetness.

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