Solution Paddle Leash

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Keep your paddle attached to your watercraft

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Size: One Size
Subtotal: Rs. 1,579.00

LENGTH: 43 - 75 in | 110 - 190 cm

SHAFT DIAMETER: 0.8 - 1.4 in | 20 - 35 mm

Paddle Leash _ kayak paddle keeper

Solution Paddle Leash

Rs. 1,579.00

Solution Paddle Leash

Rs. 1,579.00
Size: One Size


It's all in the details with this lightweight Paddle Leash. We use better materials to create a simple-to-use leash that will stop your paddle or fishing rod from disappearing overboard while out on the open water.


  • High-quality nylon that is both lightweight and strong
  • Adjustable attachment point to fit a variety of paddles and fishing rods
  • Stretchy inner cord for more flexibility
  • Hook and loop closure with durable, non-slip hypalon for added security


One Size
Length 110 - 190 cm
Shaft Diameter 20 - 35 mm

Frequently Asked questions

Noisy in use?

No! Unlike some leashes, this has no metal hardware - no rythmic thump as you paddle…

Really necessary (for sea kayaking)?

If you are out on open water, yes. In a capsize, its essential to keep hold of your paddle

Why choose the Paddle Leash over the Paddle Keeper?

The shorter Leash is perfect for fishing rods / guns that need to be secured while fishing/hunting

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