Small || UltraLight Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad
Small || UltraLight Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad
UltraLight Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad Multi Function Valve
X-Small || UltraLight Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad
Regular || UltraLight Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad
Large || UltraLight Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad
Description || UltraLight Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat

UltraLight Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat

₹ 9,549.00
₹ 9,549.00

Lightweight, simple & sturdy

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Size: Regular
Subtotal: ₹ 9,549.00

BEST USE: Ultralight Backpacking

WEIGHT: 13.9oz | 395g


PACKED SIZE: 4.25 x 11 in | 11 x 28 cm

Regular || UltraLight Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

UltraLight Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat

₹ 9,549.00

UltraLight Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat

₹ 9,549.00
Size: Regular


For those who like to travel light, the Ultralight Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat will add the promise of comfortable sleep to your pack, without significant weight or bulk. While the Delta Core-V technology removes small sections of foam without sacrificing comfort, the embossed silicone grip print ensures you and your sleeping bag stay on the pad. For the ultralight adventurer, pack up is super easy with the patent-pending multi-function valve that allows you to roll it up without air sneaking back in. Ideal for gram counters who like to sleep comfortably.


  • 2.6 R-Value is sufficient for late spring to early fall use.
  • Utilizes Delta Core-V technology, which keeps body contact areas warmer while still offering great support and packability.
  • Woven 30D polyester face fabric has been chosen for its lightness and strength.
  • Silicone print prevents your sleeping bag from slipping on the pad, and the pad from slipping on the tent floor.
  • Flip-over multi-function valve for fast and easy inflation, deflation and fine-tuning of air pressure.
  • PillowLock system prevents your Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow from slipping.
  • XS pad is great for minimalists – use the pad under your head and chest, and your backpack under your lower legs, for a super-packable ultralight sleeping solution.


  • Best Use
    Ultralight Backpacking, Camping
  • Comes With
    Stuff Sack
  • Fabric
    30D Polyester with an anti-slip print
  • Foam
    Delta Core-V technology
  • R-Value
  • Season Rating
    Summer and later spring / early fall
  • Special
    Multi-function valve that prevents re-inflation as you pack up
  • Thickness
    1 in / 2.5 cm
Dimensions49 in x 20 in 125 x 51 cm67 in x 20 in 170 x 51 cm72 in x 20 in 183 x 51 cm78 in x 25 in 198 x 64 cm
Packed Size4.25 x 11 in 11 x 28 cm4.75 x 11 in 12 x 28 cm5 x 11 in 13 x 28 cm5 x 13.5 in 13 x 34 cm
Weight13.9 oz 395 g1 lb 2 oz 520 g1 lb 3 oz 550 g1 lb 9 oz 720 g



Frequently Asked questions

Does the Ultralight Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad have enough insulation for extended three-season temperatures?

Not really. This self-inflating sleeping pad has a tested R-Value of 2.6, which only provides enough insulation for the moderate temperatures of late spring to early fall.

How is this sleeping pad different from other self-inflating sleeping pads?

The technology in this sleeping pad reduces the weight and packed volume without sacrificing support or comfort. Perfect for extended trips in the backcountry.

Is the sleeping pad suitable for backpacking?

This sleeping pad is lightweight (< 1.5 lbs) and compact, making it ideal for backpacking and bike touring.

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