Wartercell ST _ 4L 6L 10L reservoir water bag
Wart ercell ST _ lightweight collapsible water bag
Wartercell ST _ reservoir water bag handle
4L / Black || Watercell ST (4L to 10L)
6L / Black || Watercell ST (4L to 10L)
10L / Black || Watercell ST (4L to 10L)
Description || Watercell ST (4L to 10L)

Watercell ST (4L to 10L)

₹ 3,709.00
₹ 3,709.00

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A minimalist water storage solution for lightweight excursions

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Size: 10L
Colour: Black
Subtotal: ₹ 3,709.00

BEST USE: Ultralight Backpacking

MATERIAL(S): Abrasion resistant semi-translucent TPU

DIMENSIONS: 11 x 8.5 x 4 inches

WEIGHT: 4.4 oz | 125 g

10L / Black || Watercell ST (4L to 10L)

Watercell ST (4L to 10L)

₹ 3,709.00

Watercell ST (4L to 10L)

₹ 3,709.00
Size: 10L
Colour: Black


The Watercell ST is your streamlined water storage solution for lightweight adventures. Minimalist, strong and pliable, its compact 3D shape and internal baffle design makes it manageable and easy to fill, stow, stack and drain.

It's constructed with RF-welded seams for ultimate strength and reliability, as well as food-grade TPU which is also BPA and PVC-free. Strategically positioned water-resistant grab-handles offer carry and lashing options, while the screw-top standard wide-mouth opening and low-profile fill handle make filling effortless.

Fill lines printed on the rear of the Watercell show the approximate volume. The 63mm thread of the fill-opening is compatible with many water filters / purification systems, and with standard hard-plastic drinking bottle caps.


  • Strong RF welded 3D shape with internal baffle for ease of use and compact packing
  • Abrasion resistant semi-translucent TPU for flexibility and durability
  • Screw-top standard wide- mouth opening
  • Low-profile fill-handle for one-handed manageability
  • Strong, streamlined grab-handles double as lash points
  • Made of food-grade TPU that is BPA and PVC free
  • Fill lines printed on the rear show approximate fill volume


  • Best Use
    Camping, Overlanding, Backpacking
  • Material(s)
    Abrasion resistant semi-translucent TPU
Dimensions11 x 8.5 x 4 in 28 x 21 x 10 cm13.75 x 9 x 4.25 in 35 x 23 x 10 cm16.5 x 11.25 x 5 in 42 x 28 x 12 cm
Volume4L 135 oz6L 203 oz10L 338 oz
Weight4.4 oz 125 g5.3 oz 150 g6.7 oz 190 g



Frequently Asked questions

Can it be used with the Watercell X shower attachment?

No, if you want to use that shower attachment, you will need to purchase the coordinating Watercell X.

Can it be cleaned with bleach?

We don't recommend using bleach in the Watercell. Instead, try taste-free peroxide cleaning tablets that are just as effective and don't leave an aftertaste.

Can it hold liquids other than water?

Yes, you can use other liquids in the Watercell, but only if it's cleaned correctly and thoroughly afterwards. We recommend using peroxide cleaning tablets for an effective clean without the aftertaste. 

Will it leave a residual taste in the drinking water?

The TPU film is made to leave the least amount of residual taste. However, no soft-sided water container (regardless of brand) is completely taste-neutral, except the Mylar bladder of the Pack Tap.

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